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Live TV
All live channels are monitored 24/7 and maintained by our own network of servers, delivering quality streams around the globe. We are adding channels all the time at no extra cost.
Catchup TV
Catch-up when you want. Besides Live TV we record all the main programs for you to watch them when it suits you. Go straight to the TV channel or use the category/search function to quickly find a program that was transmitted in the last 7 days and watch it when you want.
Multi Platform.
You will get the experience you deserve, watch your favourite television programs wherever you are. In the garden, bedroom, boat, shower on Holiday and so on. Stream live TV channels and Catchup (recorded TV) to all of your mobile devices, iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets & Smartphones ...
IPTVheaven TV channels.
We currently offer more than 150 channels, all with great quality and most of them with 7 day's catchup. Enjoy 53 UK, 30 Dutch, 8 Belgium, 28 German, 18 Swedish, 7 Portuguese /Brasilian, 5 French and 3 Adult channels. Use 1 subscription simultaneously on any mobile device and on the Informir MAG iptv set-top-box.
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